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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Holy shit , Robert Reich is a legit midget    06/22/18  (1)
immigrant children forcibly injected with powerful psychotropic drugs (link)    06/22/18  (2)
Chinese company steals American tech, copies, sells it, sues American company    06/22/18  (5)
TIME cover was a fake news lie    06/22/18  (126)
You'll be doxed and fired for tweeting same thing 2008 Obama said on gays    06/22/18  (5)
Reminder: the Republican Party is still on the verge of total collapse nationall    06/22/18  (21)
Crazy bum outside my office has been screaming and crying "just want to eat!!!"    06/22/18  (1)
John McCain & His Mom Both Outlived Krathammer    06/22/18  (1)
USS Donald Trump (USSF) vs. V'Ger - who wins?    06/22/18  (1)
have chill, fratty homeless buddy    06/22/18  (1)
BIRDSHITS: do you take ANY responsibility for your SHIT existence in AMERIKKKA?    06/22/18  (49)
Trumph of the Will    06/22/18  (2)
Massive student loan debt. Housing prices at all time highs. Wages flat. No job    06/22/18  (23)
The Geico sliding soccer player commercial is so retarded that it's kind of good    06/22/18  (2)
Hey TT, how does this graph about Gen Z make you feel?    06/22/18  (64)
Housemos: WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE    06/22/18  (83)
"Detention & separating children is wicked!" she tweeted moment after child care    06/22/18  (21)
Shouldn't black people support Trump on immigration    06/22/18  (70)
85 IQ mestizos coming to take r jerbs etc    06/22/18  (15)
FAMILY SEPARATION IS WRONG!! *75% of all black kids don't have a father*    06/22/18  (2)
Goy tell: getting extremely upset when someone says "Jews"    06/22/18  (2)
Landon Donovan: fuck USA soccer. VIVA MEXICO!    06/22/18  (32)
Obama looking at his flaccid legacy: "I should've started a Space Force"    06/22/18  (10)
when did all of this arm-flapping over generations start    06/22/18  (3)
Libs: "open the borders or we will kill you"    06/22/18  (2)
Solo, 3 weeks in, taking questions    06/22/18  (21)
Possible to attend a top ranked M.S. programs (CS) w/ humanities background?    06/22/18  (4)
Sitting in an office all day is torture    06/22/18  (54)
had a dream I moved to japan    06/22/18  (1)
Dorito CEO gets $30,000,000 yr for nothing=thought$?    06/22/18  (5)
Yale MPH. Is it worth it?    06/22/18  (21)
Very sad how Most people in SoCal have to work just to get by    06/22/18  (1)
TT: has never won a trial. Me: current 2 trial winning streak.    06/22/18  (9)
Sitting in my home office all day is torture    06/22/18  (1)
federer: Mercedes, Rolex endorsements. Djoker: uniqlo    06/22/18  (18)
cumskins, open the border or we'll do it for you    06/22/18  (1)
Anyone watch Animal Kingdom?    06/22/18  (10)
President Trump Gives Remarks on Immigration with Angel Families    06/22/18  (1)
I believe China has the most refined, prestigious culture in the world.    06/22/18  (1)
mask is coming off open-borders nut liberals    06/22/18  (1)
Rate this Inuit legend about a mighty lake spirit    06/22/18  (6)
Politico: millenual Trump supporters cant find dates in D.C.    06/22/18  (30)
I seriously hope Trump launches a DEPORTATION FORCE    06/22/18  (3)
Should I impregnate a 34 year old single mom?    06/22/18  (16)
I can't imagine how hard it is w/o government support to have kids in SoCal    06/22/18  (1)
fuck it going to go buy a rolex sub    06/22/18  (5)
hey spritezero some "refugees" just showed up from Baja resort (only 4-star tho    06/22/18  (2)
the fact TCTP can't affirmative action his way into a great job shows what a    06/22/18  (4)
rate teenage Jane Fonda    06/22/18  (26)
You watch in horror as shutter salesman presses every hypergamous button on wife    06/22/18  (1)
tctp is a US citizen and i embrace him as a brother    06/22/18  (4)
In SFO, how do people afford to live here?    06/22/18  (8)
REJOICE! Octavia Butler's 71st Birthday!    06/22/18  (1)
best way to draw out boart tards is to start a climate change thread    06/22/18  (1)
Check in ITT if you are enlisting in President Donald J. Trump's SPACE FORCE:    06/22/18  (1)
Reminder: Trumptards deny climate change so they can drive oversized trucks    06/22/18  (16)
Which army would you join?    06/22/18  (83)
Why Are Prole Goy White Women OBSESSED With Furniture?    06/22/18  (72)
Cynthia Nixon: ICE is a terrorist org, should be abolished. Give all illegals    06/22/18  (19)
ROOK    06/22/18  (1)
Amazing how much better I feel with a watch on my wrist.    06/22/18  (1)
crazy how on Nov 8 morning dems expected perma blue wave    06/22/18  (1)
Trump's SCOTUS: states can force online retailers to charge you sales tax    06/22/18  (12)
Has Duke surgeon Eugene Gu ever had sex?    06/22/18  (10)
Toxicologist: Bourdain had enough smack in his system to kill a horse.    06/22/18  (1)
BTW- SERBIANS are half BLACK, ljl at TTT EURO SWISS shitz    06/22/18  (1)
does your wife know youre a bottom piss pig?    06/22/18  (5)
racially pure ancestor of askav chucking spear at Woolly Mammoth for dinner    06/22/18  (7)
TCTP officially on California unemployement benefits    06/22/18  (51)
TT how do you handle depositions and motions    06/22/18  (43)
remember when sp brought the wrong expert witness home from airport & firm lost    06/22/18  (1)
897 Square Feet Palo Alto Bungalow Listed For $2.6 Million    06/22/18  (2)
summer friday, finishing up at work, anyone want to grab a drink?    06/22/18  (1)
Remember that guy who anald his college gf and still calls 2 make fart sounds    06/22/18  (3)
Genius nazi economics: Start trade war with our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd largest tradin    06/22/18  (22)
How is tens of thousands of people entering US illegally each month sustainable    06/22/18  (26)
You can be a CEO of a shit company and make unlimited money    06/22/18  (6)
Melania wears 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' jacket to immigration hold facility.    06/22/18  (134)
Why do libs make a big deal about football concussions but not other injuries?    06/22/18  (1)
OPEN | THE | BORDER    06/22/18  (1)
XO Tennis Crew Is Most Prestigious On Here. Nobody Else Has #-tag #tennis    06/22/18  (3)
rach, time to do a "Hillary wipe" of this whole place    06/22/18  (3)
PSA: When typing gook-speak DO NOT replace "R" with "L"    06/22/18  (10)
Driver behind self-driving Uber was a transgender Mexican convicted armed robber    06/22/18  (48)
Uber crash video    06/22/18  (62)
BREAKING: Driverless Uber killed HOMELESS WOMAN! Uber not at fault!    06/22/18  (45)
28 YO. Already want to retire.    06/22/18  (1)
Woman killed by an Uber self driving car in Tempe    06/22/18  (57)
Give me a sell, sell give me a cuck, cuck    06/22/18  (1)
"Research" Reveals Wimby Discriminates Against Women On Centre Court #tennis    06/22/18  (1)
If only AMERIKKKA had more 300 pound rednecks who don't believe in MATH, SCIENCE    06/22/18  (2)
Did the Denver uber rapist ever get caught?    06/22/18  (2)
Good Rolling Stones article on the Depp financial fiasco    06/22/18  (31)
Murrayfag Takes WC Into Eastbourne. Not Sure If Playing Wimby #tennis    06/22/18  (1)
SERBIA WITH DAT GOAL! 1-0    06/22/18  (7)
Eth and BTC crashing. Coincucks?    06/22/18  (2)
rate this video of two clean-cut bros helping each other out    06/22/18  (4)
World Cup Round Robin Math Question    06/22/18  (1)
What should I do for my 37th birthday?    06/22/18  (37)
Trump: "and that's what they are - they're extremist open border Democrats"    06/22/18  (5)
Told boss I was talking 2 weeks off to #OccupyICE, effective immediately    06/22/18  (1)
Rate these cheerful organic Icelandic babes after missed penalty    06/22/18  (2)
Italy and US Navy to TEAM UP to sink rapugee boats in Med.    06/22/18  (6)
TT Dow up 200+ right now! You doing good?    06/22/18  (2)
RSF calls from Paris @3AM: "Dad the AmEx got declined! Fix it! oh happy father's    06/22/18  (31)
Reminder avg ceo makes 14mmyr avg worked 78k    06/22/18  (1)
McSorley's Wonderful Saloon is a 180 New Yorker story    06/22/18  (7)
TT was traveling alone even as a 21 year old - JFC at his life    06/22/18  (42)
Im a crypto boi, in a scamcoin world, its fantastic, so price elastic    06/22/18  (174)
please give me a rating on this beach mom (high priority)    06/22/18  (1)
koalas keep threatening and harassing my family, friends and neighbors    06/22/18  (2)
NOWAGS Don't Get Into Top UGs bc They View Process Like A Video Game    06/22/18  (7)
Rate this ending to a gay porn scene (video)    06/22/18  (1)
Good Rolling Stones article on the Delpo financial fiasco    06/22/18  (1)
90s baseball, 00s soccer, 10s???    06/22/18  (12)
*NSA Bros huddled around monitor cracking up at an Autoadmit poast*    06/22/18  (2)
Post Good Documentaries ITT    06/22/18  (1)
Posted my personal best on a trail hike yesterday    06/22/18  (1)
*blows down ur door with shotgun* SCOTUS lets man get executed for being GAY (Sl    06/22/18  (7)
can't even get a full scholarship from a TTT    06/22/18  (30)
Trumptard pasttimes: Abusing little children,hunting innocent animals, polluting    06/22/18  (2)
race-mixing would've been considered weird by most people throughout history    06/22/18  (38)
Low IQ sheboon is poasting? Time to take a break    06/22/18  (2)
I want to take a meat cleaver to Jonathan Safran Foer's faggot fucking head    06/22/18  (49)
Rage! Law be now my song! Sing of the rage of scholarship tp, the golden child    06/22/18  (1)
Why are Blacks voting to be crowded out by Mexicans ?    06/22/18  (1)
RATE Victoria Beckham circa 1991 (pic)    06/22/18  (5)
Oh no, theyre holocausting them!    06/22/18  (1)
"Are you testing society's moral standards or showcasing your low IQ?" said anot    06/22/18  (1)
Wikileaks posts database of ICE employees, Republicans applaud it    06/22/18  (60)
Aussie makes accidental eye contact with TT at bar - Welcome to my harem FRIEND    06/22/18  (2)
Watchmos: leather watch band recs    06/22/18  (7)
.gif of dejected Franzen in Morocco shirt and face paint in Ekaterinburg    06/22/18  (1)
what shall I do with free time?    06/22/18  (3)
I was decapitated. That doesn't mean I'll stop my legal work or love of the law.    06/22/18  (1)
I was outed. That doesn't mean I will retire, or go cry like a pussy (WMTP)    06/22/18  (26)
reminder: u only get ONE life and u chose to spend it being a lawyer    06/22/18  (6)
Serious Q: Why are soccer players such flopping pussy faggots?    06/22/18  (18)
Rate this chick! Would you creampie    06/22/18  (6)
Whok, how are you dealing with daddy watchmen being outed as a paki loser?    06/22/18  (3)
ljl @ watching divegrass    06/22/18  (1)
Franzen tweets heartfelt 'farewell' to Krauthammer (link    06/22/18  (1)
*swirls soft-serve guac onto ice cream cone*    06/22/18  (1)
Are Hispanics going to coddle blacks as much as whites when they become majority    06/22/18  (3)
We need another mass shooting to stimulate content creation    06/22/18  (1)
CUMSKINS: describe your INSANE sexual experiences in Asia...    06/22/18  (8)
racist INDIA is poor and DIRTY cause of the CASTE SYSTEM & 2 much SPICE in food    06/22/18  (1)

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