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What up with female gymnasts weird voices?    01/19/18  (4)
Libs, thisnis how they do in that SHITHOLE called Mexico. Take a good look.    01/19/18  (13)
France to relocate a freeway from land into the ocean itself:    01/19/18  (12)
You probably need an extremely high IQ to be a great poet    01/19/18  (1)
Remember The Fappening? That was unbelievable    01/19/18  (14)
Lol, xoStormy Daniels confirms TLSTrump has a TPD. LJL.    01/19/18  (18)
Not hiding "vices" anymore (e.g. weekday day drinking, smoking weed, xoxo, cigs)    01/19/18  (12)
weird how Obama's tyrannical government wanted to remove guns    01/19/18  (1)
lol. "emotional support animal" frauds PWNed by Delta    01/19/18  (53)
Islam is the answer to Me Too    01/19/18  (11)
Men's Health Magazine has a column written by a porn star telling men to eat ass    01/19/18  (18)
Texas judge receives revelation from God that defendant is not guilty    01/19/18  (2)
Rate my pants and $150 shoes    01/19/18  (14)
really enjoyed Barbarians at the Gate and Too Big to Fail    01/19/18  (5)
Lose my boner every time a girl replies with dat green text bubble.    01/19/18  (3)
Guitar bros: buy a 1K gretsch or save for Es-335/3K gretsch at midlife crisis    01/19/18  (45)
so women now using graphic depictions of lawful sex w/ men to get media attenti    01/19/18  (1)
Watchmen, you got to step up to that dude calling u out. Your rep is at stake.    01/19/18  (80)
I PLESIDENT NOW????    01/19/18  (1)
"Herro? Ya two-fo-wan shirt ah stalch speciarr. Hord prease." *poasts 15 RSF thr    01/19/18  (2)
180 hope the Federal Govt shuts down an entire year    01/19/18  (4)
Bump this thread every time TNSJ takes a fat dick in the ass    01/19/18  (20)
dems have lost 5 pts of their generic ballot margin since last month    01/19/18  (2)
PN has RSF cornered inside of Rose Bar. Damien last line of defense    01/19/18  (9)
TMF I'll get you a Jeep Patriot next year for Christmas. That's all you deserve.    01/19/18  (1)
rach is planning to furlough 30% of poasters if bill isn't passed by midnight    01/19/18  (2)
is reading history & literature a waste of time? better spent on bu$iness ideas?    01/19/18  (16)
historymos, how badly will Hillary do as President?    01/19/18  (10)
Obama is the reason Trumptards have a good market. Period. End of story.    01/19/18  (46)
Associates in Rhodesian biglaw cut their Jos.A.Bank pants off at upper thigh    01/19/18  (8)
Worth visiting Los Angeles?    01/19/18  (20)
Bill Proudman, CEO of White Men As Full Diversity Partners, said Googles swift    01/19/18  (14)
what is the point of getting rich/famous anymore? uppity pornstars shit on you?    01/19/18  (1)
Shitlaw boss used word "nutted" in his opening argument    01/19/18  (130)
classic RSF crying like a bitch about his lack of accomplishments ITT (link)    01/19/18  (5)
You can tell that RSF is fucking humiliated to be the board laughingstock, LOL    01/19/18  (22)
First African-American space station astronaut (2018 - 2018)    01/19/18  (2)
:D you should get a press pass for the White House briefing room    01/19/18  (1)
poisonmos, have you commenced consuming poison tonight?    01/19/18  (2)
Tom Petty partied hard.    01/19/18  (12)
Rate this cute white girl from orange county who killed a mexican    01/19/18  (33)
I quit on life    01/19/18  (46)
rate this FPS video game about CharlesXII on PS4, Vita, and now Steam    01/19/18  (3)
someone needs to start vocarooing WMTP's ridiculous aspie screeds    01/19/18  (5)
Anecdotes from an alpha aspie ADA.    01/19/18  (44)
"He is short," the Russian girl said unhappily. "BUT he has Jeep Grand Cherokee"    01/19/18  (25)
Dopamine tp I cant believe Audrey fucked jack in that airplane    01/19/18  (1)
New Chainsmokers song sucks, isn't even catchy    01/19/18  (4)
I found the perfect car for TMF types    01/19/18  (25)
where did Aspie Pickup Line go? top poaster    01/19/18  (4)
*bitcoin rises, more tether prints*    01/19/18  (10)
Low IQ XO Trumptards MAF that Trump will sign amnesty    01/19/18  (6)
Any time a hot 30+ yr old chick messages me I assume she's had miles of dick    01/19/18  (3)
The following people apparently dont want free money (888)    01/19/18  (15)
Someone spilled coffee on my JoS A Bank blazer - what do I do?    01/19/18  (2)
Jerome: Let's meet like men. Watchmen: My pussy is bleeding too hard. Call me.    01/19/18  (1)
*stumbles into camp with an arrow lodged into his throat*    01/19/18  (51)
Schumer and Trump have been in there for like 2 hours, Repubs freaking out    01/19/18  (27)
Nicest airports in USA    01/19/18  (14)
Donald Duck was totally red pilled on marriage    01/19/18  (6)
"Whatcha dooooooin?" "Just a pooooooastin!"    01/19/18  (1)
No one even talks to me anymore on this board. Complete shithole    01/19/18  (4)
are the Dutch the true master race?    01/19/18  (1)
partner in airport molting outer layer of jos a bank; consuming sleeve for food    01/19/18  (2)
Jeb! to Shashwat: Put down the TiNa pipe, let's blaze and eat your dad's Doritos    01/19/18  (16)
JoS. A. Bank, actually.    01/19/18  (2)
I got that SUPREME headband on this Friday night in Chicago.    01/19/18  (2)
Obeezy, u nervous AF ur messiah Obama gonna be exposed 4 the criminal he is?    01/19/18  (1)
Shashwat why are u still here    01/19/18  (16)
What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right    01/19/18  (23)
Shashwat to Dorito on Father's Day: Dad remember when I beat u on meth? <3    01/19/18  (25)
i have my next moniker picked out once sqmo lets me chnage it    01/19/18  (1)
AT THE BAR DRINKING AGAIN    01/19/18  (6)
amazing BuzzFeed allegory on babe.net Aziz Ansari.    01/19/18  (22)
Homemade Arby's    01/19/18  (18)
RSF: "Fag, you will remove your helmet and tell me your name"    01/19/18  (81)
RSF to seatmate "The frost...sometimes it makes the tray stick"    01/19/18  (77)
"how about this, if you don't text back i will come by and honk?"    01/19/18  (1)
If you payoff my mortgage I will do anything you want. ANYTHING!    01/19/18  (2)
Fat Plodding Law Beaver used to push RSF's shit in on a weekly basis    01/19/18  (22)
"Hey still on for tonight? Havent heard from you haha"    01/19/18  (89)
The problem is no one can touch me because I roll with the deepest crew.    01/19/18  (22)
Teenagers have internalized the new economy better than us. Eating tide pods to    01/19/18  (3)
Four letters, printed in gold.    01/19/18  (7)
Every time a girl sees the green text bubble she goes cold    01/19/18  (7)
So shitlibs actually care about illegals more than Americans ?    01/19/18  (1)
Aly Raisman victim statement    01/19/18  (2)
why the fuck did you shitmod this thread RSF?? (((mods)))    01/19/18  (6)
RSF - get in here and defend your rancid shitmodding of non outting threads    01/19/18  (4)
Got a snarf of McKayla Maroney's ass last night.    01/19/18  (118)
Postmates is the new face of slavery (Vice)    01/19/18  (2)
16.52% of ETH volume in last 24 hours caused by USDT. Nothing to see here folks    01/19/18  (37)
Krampusnacht rating poasters as ROAD TRIPS in the USA    01/19/18  (207)
Rewatched "Troy" last night,kept thinking of Brad Pitt cowering before Mike Tyso    01/19/18  (2)
Mark my words: people from the Obama administration will be going to prison    01/19/18  (21)
That guilt telling a single mom' son you'll take him fishing before ghosting her    01/19/18  (36)
But seriously, why no threads about Hatchimals?    01/19/18  (1)
Aziz home from club alone, counting shrimp in delivery pad thai    01/19/18  (10)
I get giddy at the thought of lib implosion due to the rise of God Emperor Trump    01/19/18  (2)
The majority of poasts, poasters nowadays are complete and utter shit    01/19/18  (5)
Bernie Madoff sees Tether news flash on prison TV: "haha holy shit"    01/19/18  (1)
*Barefoot Obeezy, anus prolapsed, runs through your thread*    01/19/18  (47)
Top ideas outside of the overton window    01/19/18  (163)
Police and niggers (that's right), get out of my way    01/19/18  (3)
Watchmen cooing along as Hillary leads a "stronger together" chant    01/19/18  (3)
How badly will the government shutdown PWN the GOP?    01/19/18  (10)
*stomps floor* *holds Trump/Pence sign and punches w/other hand* *chugs whiskey*    01/19/18  (1)
biz idea: app that charges ur phone from the cloud when it gets down to 5%    01/19/18  (1)
Describe the person in your life most like the fictional Kenny Powers    01/19/18  (1)
Why is there no modern Jack the Ripper?    01/19/18  (70)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    01/19/18  (507)
lol at braindead XO reptiles jizzing over memo conspiracy theories    01/19/18  (4)
Impressing dates with nice restaurants is expensive af    01/19/18  (83)
ESPN to hire CNN President as CEO    01/19/18  (3)
If I ever stop posting for more than a month, its because I maed it    01/19/18  (9)
PROTIP for you baldmos    01/19/18  (2)
Larry Nassar sticking his lubed thumb up McKaylas pink hairless asshole    01/19/18  (4)
Anyone listen to Tide Pod Save America?    01/19/18  (2)
Who are reddit poasters IRL? Haven't been on in 10+ years, "so much cringe"    01/19/18  (1)
Just got out of 2-month coma. Has Mueller indicted Trump's entire cabinet yet?    01/19/18  (2)
Let's discuss death panels itt    01/19/18  (2)
XO *gets* height's importance but doesn't understand how much it dominates the    01/19/18  (65)
Amazing how xo ted predicted literally everything about liberalism    01/19/18  (14)
Newsweek (1/1/18): Hillary could still become POTUS if Trump/Russia colluded (li    01/19/18  (9)
Anyone going to consume poison tonight?    01/19/18  (9)
What's a cool haircut for a short pollack bro?    01/19/18  (20)
Imagine how bad the media is going to be with Hillary as president. They''ll cov    01/19/18  (3)
WLMAS only succeeds in making me much more pro-Trump than I otherwise would be    01/19/18  (2)
not a newsmo but did Schumer make Trump fold on DACA like libs/EPAH predicted?    01/19/18  (6)
Mueller! Deutsche Bank! LOL @ TrumpCUCKs! *inhales a fifth of Beam* (WLMAS)    01/19/18  (27)
Trump to Retroactively Apply AA Ban: WLMAS slowly fading out of Grad photo    01/19/18  (60)
D.C.-area Poasters: ELI5 about renting/buying condo in NOVA    01/19/18  (66)
Top ideas inside the Overton Window    01/19/18  (3)
Julia discussing the Ovaltine Window    01/19/18  (24)
U.S. median household income by ancestry & ethnicity    01/19/18  (39)
Rate this pics and quotes of UVT    01/19/18  (45)
Anyone know how to get Push Notifications working on the XO app?    01/19/18  (1)
is the silver impala really the most common car on the road    01/19/18  (1)
Dont we have the best jews folks? *points to Stephen Miller*    01/19/18  (1)
anyone has link to that thread about non-lib tv shows/entertainment    01/19/18  (2)
Haven't followed news today. How badly did Schumer destroy Trump?    01/19/18  (2)
Shitpit emotional support animal mauls 2 year old on AA flight (link)    01/19/18  (4)
biggest case for why RSF is a woman and not a man (uvt)    01/19/18  (36)
just saw Bladerunner. jfc LA is a hellhole. Bladerunner world also a hellhole    01/19/18  (2)
No, George20, that's not why the island is called Lesbos    01/19/18  (3)
i thought lawman8 was my friend    01/19/18  (60)
Just woke up why is #ReleaseTheMemo trending    01/19/18  (102)
Thank u for the ring! SO beautiful! Can u get it resized for me? Btw, back w/ex    01/19/18  (1)
we need nah Chad threading to balance out the haha threading    01/19/18  (2)
is The Economist the current embodiement of the lugenpresse? (link)    01/19/18  (10)

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