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Cardano ADA $5,733,823,504 $0.221152    12/14/17  (1)
taylor swift. red lipstick. red maga hat    12/14/17  (75)
Why does RSF never step to boner_police or charlesxii    12/14/17  (16)
Wall Street Oasis RIPS on San Francisco    12/14/17  (14)
just got thru gunning down RSF. any other haters ready to step to    12/14/17  (28)
omarosa's going to write a book bashing Trump    12/14/17  (2)
what the fuck is net neutrality and why should I care? genuinely curious    12/14/17  (8)
BOBBY DIGITAL here. I've planned your deluxe tour of Charleston, SC    12/14/17  (51)
Russian jets hunt Yankee F-22s over Syria    12/14/17  (3)
ive received dick pics from 2/3+ of doodz on xoxo    12/14/17  (27)
So I participated in my first invite only sex orgy at a Manhattan loft    12/14/17  (55)
loud, incessant minecraft clicking    12/14/17  (4)
bag of cocaine    12/14/17  (1)
Annual "who has a bigger heart: earl or The Grinch?" thread    12/14/17  (8)
$35    12/14/17  (1)
RSF has probably had over 2 thousands thread made about him here    12/14/17  (128)
Most overrated U.S. cities    12/14/17  (12)
jmaw has a 9 inch BTC    12/14/17  (24)
Senators Mike Lee and Rubio plan to derail tax bill (link)    12/14/17  (1)
*logs in* *sees an unhinged slap fight between a trust fund weirdo & a tranny*    12/14/17  (3)
Should I pay student debt or buy stocks?    12/14/17  (41)
evan# your name itt    12/14/17  (7)
CNN: End of the Internet As We Know It (link)    12/14/17  (51)
can someone summarize this whole net neutrality debate?    12/14/17  (49)
/!\ Paul Ryan will not seek reelection /!\    12/14/17  (88)
Let's talk about William Ellison, a black former slave who owned 40 slaves himse    12/14/17  (6)
you doug funnie ass lookin mothafucker    12/14/17  (1)
ITT: LAmos get in here an regale me with stories about how good or bad dating is    12/14/17  (2)
slimehole = super mb warp-pipe (twins)    12/14/17  (21)
rsf vs. jmaw now officially moving into hour four    12/14/17  (4)
RSF Chimps Out Too, Electric Boogaloo    12/14/17  (1)
fuck now they're trying to take down the Gaslamp Killer    12/14/17  (9)
Trumpmos who dont support Bannon are dead wrong    12/14/17  (23)
XO Steve Bannon wants to regulate Facebook and Google as public utilities    12/14/17  (40)
What are chances media stopped discussing LV shooting bc Paddock is Ultra Lib?    12/14/17  (6)
who cares if the US economy is booming if jobs are going to be automated anyway    12/14/17  (25)
Chinese women are so direct about finding a husband    12/14/17  (13)
Internet 2020: Fast access to Facebook and ESPN. $995 for everything else.    12/14/17  (2)
FBI detains Person of interest in connection with Vegas shooting    12/14/17  (6)
This is the last page you can navigate to from the bottom of the page.    12/14/17  (1)
There's no point in ever even ATTEMPTING to have sex.    12/14/17  (1)
"hehe. Did you see my last text? It said "read" yesterday. Jus checkin, haha"    12/14/17  (1)
Man pays $400/month to live in a wooden box in SF (link)    12/14/17  (6)
Holy shit study shows 41% of rape accusations are FAKE    12/14/17  (29)
Simulation glitch: 1 Hannukah song better than all Xmas songs    12/14/17  (5)
The New Economy: Girl gets paid $60/hr to cuddle strangers    12/14/17  (1)
I can't wait to suck a bunch of dicks at the gay bar tonight.    12/14/17  (1)
I would like to have sexual intercourse with you at your earliest convenience    12/14/17  (16)
How health is veggie, rice & beans, in various combinations?    12/14/17  (11)
Rate this Taylor Swift quote    12/14/17  (33)
Fellow wagecucks: how big of a COL increase you getting this year?    12/14/17  (9)
Going irl for a bit enjoy guys :-) will be back with new shtick    12/14/17  (2)
hey pumo why did bag of coke *TRIPLE* RSF inheritance? shouldn't it be just 2x?    12/14/17  (1)
"Ahh dis ahh J J Z flahm COMCASSS u ri XO? UPLADE 2 MESSAH BOALD PAKAHH TODAY!'    12/14/17  (3)
"Entropy is winning, haha" *downs Guinness as 40 TVs blare deat at Buffalo Wild    12/14/17  (7)
The plural form of prospectus is prospecti. HTH    12/14/17  (1)
trucker punching peterman's puffed-up cheeks like john belushi in animal house    12/14/17  (1)
RSF was bullied by a gang of asian kids in middle school.    12/14/17  (1)
I look forward to combatants bombing undersea internet cables during WWIII.    12/14/17  (2)
Taylor Swift praises Donald Trump    12/14/17  (10)
A group of Komodo dragons is called a "holocaust".    12/14/17  (18)
Wayne State: Worth it?    12/14/17  (8)
Had an Uber ride with an Iranian-American Trumpmo (180).    12/14/17  (20)
Chinas CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to find BBC reporter    12/14/17  (3)
Many thanks, please circulate your gaper at your earliest convenience.    12/14/17  (1)
dumb cunts    12/14/17  (1)
I really want to have sex with lawman8.    12/14/17  (1)
I'm really looking forward to the Stars Wars X-Men movie in 2029.    12/14/17  (2)
How much do you typically spend on your GF/WIFE for Xmas???    12/14/17  (4)
John and Tony Podesta, unwrapping gift boxes of "delicious" children this Xmas    12/14/17  (1)
Physical attractiveness should be weighted heavily in college admissions.    12/14/17  (1)
Tax Mo's - Can I prepay California SALT for 2018? 2019?    12/14/17  (34)
I haven't been the same since Johnny died. Stay gold Ponyboy.    12/14/17  (16)
Study Proves Rape Allegations Correlate Directly With Height    12/14/17  (1)
"Oh no," Ryan moaned as he slipped on banana peel near wrecked dildo truck    12/14/17  (87)
70% of box office revenue would go to 2 companies Disney/Fox Comcast/Time Warner    12/14/17  (1)
ljl at propane-powered grillCUCKS    12/14/17  (3)
Will 29tp ever poast again?    12/14/17  (27)
rangus has a big fat baby boomer cock    12/14/17  (1)
imagine telling notable numerophobic Gunon that in "law" school you do "econono    12/14/17  (17)
did the mods remove those Star Wars spoiler poasts?    12/14/17  (5)
In practice, how does a business go about accepting bitcoin?    12/14/17  (8)
Gf's breath always faintly smells like cock; never gives me bjs, should i worry?    12/14/17  (8)
Reminder: NOTHING GAY about SUCKING AND FUCKING JMAW's COCK!    12/14/17  (2)
dad told me 6 months ago, "SP, are you spending those life insurance policy proc    12/14/17  (5)
German economists think the US Tax Bill will be a huge boon to US    12/14/17  (28)
Tax plan will make US companies move tons of $$ to US?And GC/foreigners hate it?    12/14/17  (14)
"but insects, goatfuckers, and homosexual welfare queens think less of the US!"    12/14/17  (1)
Tight Teens Tumblr    12/14/17  (23)
"pony fag, actually" squawked the brony    12/14/17  (2)
180 idea - CASH FOR BITCOIN website - run ads in ghetto places    12/14/17  (7)
How badly do YOU want it?    12/14/17  (1)
holy fucking shit I made 1 innocuous RSF thread -> garbaged INSTANTLY    12/14/17  (26)
XO poasters are the people from comicon who loudly talk about assplay at chilis    12/14/17  (5)
Guy who says "its not rocket science" goes and fucks shit up immensely    12/14/17  (2)
crypto is the worship of algorithmic capitalism, basically the Economist unbound    12/14/17  (1)
If we didn't get gun control after Sandy Hook it will pretty much never happen    12/14/17  (14)
POOR MILLENIALS!!    12/14/17  (11)
Trump voters found to be DIVERSE    12/14/17  (7)
This place is so fucking gay.    12/14/17  (13)
nuru masseuse: "you have any special request?" me: *points to slip'n'slide*    12/14/17  (1)
watching gay hentai with boner police in his mom's basement    12/14/17  (2)
Just got a nuru massage from a fake titted Japanese milf. Was 180 AF.    12/14/17  (3)
ZRXmos    12/14/17  (1)
im on fire today boys    12/14/17  (3)
rate this sassy woke white female lib's tweet    12/14/17  (3)
ha LIBS, am i right guys?!    12/14/17  (5)
japanese cartoons    12/14/17  (3)
where were libs when Obama gave away internet privacy rights to the UN?    12/14/17  (8)
Got the test results back guys. I'm officially a homosexual now.    12/14/17  (4)
Reminder: evan39 has probably raped one of his young mentally retarded coworkers    12/14/17  (5)
I'm a tall Asian guy with a BAC. How do I get girls?    12/14/17  (14)
let me get this straight--twins is a tall "alpha" lawyer who watches anime?    12/14/17  (1)
Whats going on in this weightlifting video??? (vid    12/14/17  (2)
Deray McKesson suing fox news and judge Jeanine    12/14/17  (1)
Kodak Black - 35 dollar bag of coke.mp3    12/14/17  (1)
the end of madouka where she gives her life to become a seed of the new universe    12/14/17  (2)
Jarett "Tommy" Stebbins-Fernandez    12/14/17  (1)
Alibaba will soon begin selling cars using these gigantic vending machines    12/14/17  (1)
so are people actually buying stuff with bitcoin right now?    12/14/17  (3)
San Jose councilman is sworn in with Captain America's shield - guess race    12/14/17  (2)
this picture sums up everything wrong in America    12/14/17  (31)
"Hello dark dicks my old friend" (Rowan)    12/14/17  (10)
Most insane shrew line: "I won't date someone who doesn't love their job" WTF    12/14/17  (9)
"nobody uses that cryptocurrency anymore. it's too valuable."    12/14/17  (2)
crowd throwing $35 bags of coke @ RSF's new bride    12/14/17  (1)
JFC health insurance is expensive this year    12/14/17  (9)
Trump's lukewarm 'endorsement' of Moore was disgraceful    12/14/17  (7)
$35 | BAGGA | COKE    12/14/17  (1)
It's kind of messed up that libs don't want our economy to do well    12/14/17  (4)
"Halford touched me in more ways than I could point out on a doll"    12/14/17  (5)
Cruisin' down the street like I'm 5'4"    12/14/17  (2)
I pwned some chick at work who made fun of my corduroy jacket    12/14/17  (17)
RSF IS FAT    12/14/17  (3)
RSF: frumpy travelshrew w MY MASTERS on daddy's dime    12/14/17  (3)
President Trump Participates in an Event Regarding Deregulation    12/14/17  (7)
why dont single women over twenty five become skinny with fake tits?    12/14/17  (6)
*Evan wearing his obnoxious gold MPM '16 ring around the office*    12/14/17  (13)
crazy how obeezy tp went from 5'6 ugly TTT grad to 6'2 "played college ball" HYS    12/14/17  (114)
Billing is easy with eyes closed, misrepresenting all you see    12/14/17  (1)
Big Baller Brand now accepting Bitcoin for payment    12/14/17  (1)
I'm sry old xo can't come to the phone rn. Why? Because it's dead    12/14/17  (1)
RSF needs to do a crypto giveaway to calm his haters    12/14/17  (3)
*brings $20 bag of coke to company yankee swap    12/14/17  (2)
Trumpmo here: aside from winning perception battles, GOPe is running shit    12/14/17  (5)

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