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Serious thread: should I go to AA?    12/16/17  (199)
Eminem: its embarrassing to be white, i want to check out of life (link)    12/16/17  (6)
POLL: do you cold approach girls like a chad or just have sex w people from phon    12/16/17  (11)
How often do you check your checking account? Savings account?    12/16/17  (11)
Trump lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe    12/16/17  (10)
Ppl talk shit on us Mexicans yet    12/16/17  (9)
#1 Crypto advice I can give you, I wish I knew earlier on    12/16/17  (9)
Kurt Vile is my favorite current artist    12/16/17  (17)
The List. (WMTP)    12/16/17  (97)
Indians and Persians are incredibly racist towards us Hispanics    12/16/17  (25)
Tai Lopez is a scamming spic    12/16/17  (1)
Eminem's new album is so bad it made me lol when it came on the radio (link)    12/16/17  (65)
boggles my mind that adults really believe in god and magic and shit    12/16/17  (18)
#2 Michigan State losing in 2nd half right now to some commuter school    12/16/17  (3)
What are the world's top 5 most prestigious ethnicities?    12/16/17  (91)
Lol at anyone who suicides before yoloing 100x leverage on bitmex    12/16/17  (1)
Richard Primus sucks    12/16/17  (2)
Alpha pickup move at church: do NOT take the Eucharist    12/16/17  (34)
Prole tell: complaining that a service needs to be "always online"    12/16/17  (1)
"This is my asshole. It brings men pleasure." Peterman said in a monotone.    12/16/17  (33)
Serious Question: Did people really not like The Last Jedi    12/16/17  (3)
Boner Police, are you currently in possession of a bf    12/16/17  (5)
Sperm bandits gang rape hitchhiker in South Africa    12/16/17  (1)
Best place to but cheap eyeglasses online?    12/16/17  (5)
Who is "The Atlantic" for    12/16/17  (20)
your crush and chad curled up in shitty motel bed loling at ur texts    12/16/17  (2)
xo self waterboarding party let's go    12/16/17  (1)
are chromebooks totally shit? the whole needing internet thing    12/16/17  (4)
Are Exit Bags really the least painful method of suicide    12/16/17  (14)
otc meds are so frickin pricey    12/16/17  (1)
About to hit 6 figures in BTC alone    12/16/17  (34)
Reminder: Libs are allowed to increase debt as they please - GOP can't at all    12/16/17  (13)
Dodgers acquire matt kemp    12/16/17  (2)
Pit bulls save kyoot 22 year old owner from attacker    12/16/17  (18)
son you're gonna drive me to drinkin if u don't stop drivin that hot rod lincoln    12/16/17  (1)
So I participated in my first invite only sex orgy at a Manhattan loft    12/16/17  (73)
standing 69ing xo boyfriends cartwheeling thru the desert like tumbleweeds    12/16/17  (11)
Serious Q: How do you know if someone is a swinger    12/16/17  (41)
*Googles "exit bag" on a best buy demo laptop*    12/16/17  (2)
need a sub $300 laptop ASAP    12/16/17  (1)
I've probably gotten my dick sucked by over 300 people.    12/16/17  (50)
District 0X    12/16/17  (9)
What happened to the phineasgage food truck    12/16/17  (23)
Al Capone was only 30 when he got arrested    12/16/17  (4)
*attractive teeage girl bends over near you, exposing her thong*    12/16/17  (8)
There's a Chandler that finally received in ETH handout in a megathread    12/16/17  (5)
William Eggleston exhibition at MoMA: Roy Moore's Alabama    12/16/17  (3)
Invested 1K in LTC @ $3 and 15K in ETH @ $20    12/16/17  (16)
Fared Zakaria in Wapo: GOP tax bill may be worst piece of legislation in history    12/16/17  (34)
Did you know an NFL game is being played right now?    12/16/17  (2)
LtDanCaffey scrubbing his asshole clean, filling it with milk to shoot in JJC's    12/16/17  (1)
Photo of how i picture twins looks    12/16/17  (9)
i have 1615 bitcoins worth ~$800k, which is more than your net worth    12/16/17  (186)
RSFs Svetlana's bod shaking as RSF powerfully cumblasts its asshole    12/16/17  (7)
RSF drunk pounding on the door to his SVETLANA's room screaming COME BACK    12/16/17  (6)
my crypto nw has just crossed the $50 million mark    12/16/17  (58)
[spoilers] best moment of last Jedi was    12/16/17  (1)
Indian bro I went to school with was named "Kaushal"    12/16/17  (1)
10:37 p.m.: "Did u make it home ok?" 4:13 a.m.: "Yeah I did."    12/16/17  (28)
pit bull SAVES owner from dangerous mountaing lion. holy shit!    12/16/17  (18)
For Tezos, all I need are my seed, PW and email, right?    12/16/17  (14)
it's that time of year! (((insurance))) policy renewals!    12/16/17  (3)
We need a Rome/I, Claudius-style show about POST-Roman Western Europe    12/16/17  (3)
Made pilgramage to Nuremburg today. Taking ?s.    12/16/17  (4)
Roy Moore in 'leatherface' mask, chasing teens on horseback thru Hickory House    12/16/17  (2)
Resident Evil 7 - thoughts?    12/16/17  (2)
Horrifying: Matt Damon claims there is a difference b/w a butt grab & rape    12/16/17  (2)
I hoap we all maek it over wagecuck striver faggots    12/16/17  (3)
I got 100 BTC in a brain wallet. It doesnt even exist until key in 24 words    12/16/17  (12)
Star Wars Last Jedi was one of the top 3 Star Wars movies ever    12/16/17  (24)
Yale WGWAG on the Amazing Race    12/16/17  (12)
"Oh the NIGGER outside is frightful"    12/16/17  (129)
VA woman mauled to death by her golden retrievers - very sad!    12/16/17  (3)
Whoa ! Not OK !    12/16/17  (2)
*lols @ exit bag thread* "what's so funny babe?"    12/16/17  (2)
BTC: 19k, ETH: 700, LTC: 300    12/16/17  (2)
The Cumberland School of Law! The Samford School!    12/16/17  (6)
Life is an emotional Ponzi scheme    12/16/17  (118)
Impossible not to make money off LTC even if you tried    12/16/17  (17)
MEGAMAN X | MEGAMAN X2 | MEGAMAN X3    12/16/17  (3)
women: "I'll give him a shot" ... wtf is this bullshit? you're not a video game    12/16/17  (1)
Googling "exit bag" yields many useful ideas.    12/16/17  (6)
"Ur grandpa used his ONE superlike on me so I decided to give him a shot and the    12/16/17  (5)
where the fuck do i but tezzos you cunts, there are futures contracts somehwere    12/16/17  (3)
*logs into assfaggot account & clicks by you* 'haha wow holy shit"    12/16/17  (2)
A Christmas Fucking Miracle    12/16/17  (10)
Just looked at a Chad friend's Tinder. Gathering accessories for Exit Bag    12/16/17  (12)
"I knew he was the one when ur grandpa ghosted the 3 other tinder chicks"    12/16/17  (9)
if you voted for someone i didnt vote for youre dumber than me & make less money    12/16/17  (1)
As Chad walks into ur wifes room, you whisper in his ear: *Respice post te. Hoi    12/16/17  (1)
Capt planet kids: "EARTH!" "WIND!" "WATER!" "GENITAL WARTS!"    12/16/17  (9)
A certain chill sort of bespoke exit bag    12/16/17  (4)
Utterly deranged faggot I am extremely mentally ill    12/16/17  (3)
how do I set up an exit bag for suicide? not flame.    12/16/17  (4)
Alexa, overnight an exit bag    12/16/17  (3)
Does anyone like Eminem at this point?    12/16/17  (1)
If you like PENIS COLOSSAL, and bulking hard for some gains    12/16/17  (16)
been watching exit bag suicide videos for 3 hours    12/16/17  (3)
Exit bag only cr way to leave ?    12/16/17  (4)
MY v25. MY Diet Coke. MY Exit Bag    12/16/17  (8)
foul owl on the prowl    12/16/17  (5)
Exit bag suicide    12/16/17  (2)
Oh God what r u doing?*mom rips ur exit bag off* *there's another bag underneath    12/16/17  (6)
"Not much. Same old." he smiled, clutching the exit bag in his coat pocket.    12/16/17  (5)
I'm what u might call a "gay nigger"    12/16/17  (6)
Sitting at a round table alone in a tapas restaurant with an exit bag over head    12/16/17  (12)
Hypo: Bernie is 2020 nom and campaigns to make student loans tax exempt    12/16/17  (9)
lol @ exit bag threads    12/16/17  (2)
The Dollar is backed by Confidence    12/16/17  (1)
Why aren't you all aging like a fine wine?    12/16/17  (1)
5 AI scientists bought exit bags and rented a hotel room    12/16/17  (11)
What is the xo approved crypto wallet    12/16/17  (9)
I think I accidentally went my own way    12/16/17  (12)
J crew suit. Cole Haan. Kirkland socks. Jos a bank shirt. Nautica tie.    12/16/17  (12)
*1989 Gillette commercial plays as u wistfully dab urself w wart cream    12/16/17  (4)
Lmfao I'm legit suicidal and have no hope    12/16/17  (4)
Is there a way to test if my ledger is legit?    12/16/17  (3)
*the Sauron-like eye of autismal obsession turns to gay sex threading*    12/16/17  (17)
WART. CHURCH. WORK. WART. CHURCH. WORK.    12/16/17  (3)
I'm a virgin loser with incurable STDs    12/16/17  (5)
Didn't DrakeMallard tell everyone crypto was fraud and would be worth nothing?    12/16/17  (2)
omarosa running her thick nigger lips over the ridge of your dickhead, clucking    12/16/17  (5)
should i just go to walgreens and get a wart removal kit for my cock?    12/16/17  (9)
I am fuckin gay    12/16/17  (5)
How come we're not keeping cyrpo stuff to crytpo section? $QASH    12/16/17  (16)
Lenny Bernstein and Soros should have been lynched from an Alabama dogwood    12/16/17  (6)
Is Frank LLoyd Wrong shitting himself in rage right now?    12/16/17  (18)
"I'm a chad btw" u whispered to urself on the way to confession    12/16/17  (1)
How do I legally use crypto for my SEP?    12/16/17  (8)
hehe girls are so mysterious, right?!?    12/16/17  (1)
*peterman's boomer stepdad replacing pic of peterman w pic of his 2002 mustang*    12/16/17  (1)
Taylor Swift to. Would u donate to my campaign to run 4 office?    12/16/17  (4)
Oh the studs of Rome are filled with muscles    12/16/17  (3)
here's the thing about peterman and doobs    12/16/17  (163)
Some WHOLESOME Christmas entertainment - Lawrence Welk's 1958/59 specials:    12/16/17  (1)
Make the case AGAINST Cardano absorbing every fiat dollar ITT    12/16/17  (1)
Tezos pushing $6. Hasn't even launched yet. LJL    12/16/17  (10)
Good gift ideas for a guy 30-35??????    12/16/17  (15)
'Get it in there, u fag,' growled Peterman as his continency was wrecked for lif    12/16/17  (2)
'Eminem', born Marshall "Moshe" Hymowitz    12/16/17  (2)
Whats the CR dating advice for an autistic lawyer Im his 20s but looks ninetee    12/16/17  (2)
peterman's stepdad beating the shit out of his mom, wiping his ass w/ baby pic    12/16/17  (3)
devouring your father's cum from your mom's dripping hole    12/16/17  (1)
FLW checks eth price, curses, decides not to log onto xo    12/16/17  (4)
Just got breakfasted! any other poasters maek it this year?    12/16/17  (69)
peterman has irl daddy issues    12/16/17  (7)
Strong analysis of the Pissgate dossier/FBI/fisa court scandal from NRO    12/16/17  (4)

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