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Top ideas outside of the overton window    01/19/18  (164)
Just woke up why is #ReleaseTheMemo trending    01/19/18  (102)
Impressing dates with nice restaurants is expensive af    01/19/18  (83)
lol. "emotional support animal" frauds PWNed by Delta    01/19/18  (72)
PN off his meds and acting fucking PSYCHOTIC again    01/19/18  (61)
RATE this epic "haha" text I got after my first date with a college sophomore    01/19/18  (59)
Can someone explain what makes daytrading difficult?    01/19/18  (57)
What would you consider "manly" music?    01/19/18  (55)
Is Thailand worth visiting if I am NOT a sex tourist or into drugs or partying    01/19/18  (49)
Is the FISA memo a real scandal or Alex Jones conspiracy shit?    01/19/18  (49)
apparently, Amazon offers a discounted Prime membership to people on welfare    01/19/18  (48)
Kid-havers Poll: how much money, if any, are you putting in a 529 every month    01/18/18  (48)
NYUUG's Take On XOXO BEEFS:    01/19/18  (47)
Protip: Google obama high black unemployment    01/19/18  (46)
Spent the morning watching video of 7th graders banging (for work)    01/19/18  (41)
Giving life advice ITT    01/18/18  (41)
U.S. median household income by ancestry & ethnicity    01/19/18  (39)
That guilt telling a single mom' son you'll take him fishing before ghosting her    01/19/18  (37)
16.52% of ETH volume in last 24 hours caused by USDT. Nothing to see here folks    01/19/18  (37)
I personally don't think libs should jeopardize kids' health care for DACA    01/19/18  (37)
Rate this shrew power move    01/19/18  (36)
Seems like a bad idea for libs to shut the gov down over "DACA"    01/19/18  (36)
Rate this cute white girl from orange county who killed a mexican    01/19/18  (35)
rach this is scholarship pls delete my email from this list i'm sorry i'll never    01/19/18  (35)
I know a 33 YO engineer with a networth of 300K thinking about going back to med    01/19/18  (34)
Trump Jr eviscerates libs trying to turn the tables.    01/19/18  (34)
So why was "account suspended" after all?    01/19/18  (34)
Schumer and Trump have been in there for like 2 hours, Repubs freaking out    01/19/18  (33)
What iPhone should i buy? My old one is too slow    01/19/18  (32)
Why hasn't the memo been released    01/19/18  (31)
Cliff notes on this memo thing the bort is talking about    01/19/18  (29)
Elderly AZN couple tortured to death and robbed by released felon near Houston:    01/19/18  (29)
Rate this University of Alabama Sorority Chicks Racist Rant    01/19/18  (28)
Shitlib DeBlasio opens homeless shelter on "Billionaire's Row" in MFH    01/19/18  (27)
Obama spying on political enemies, Hillary killing people. JFC libs    01/19/18  (27)
What is your favorite album?    01/19/18  (27)
I found the perfect car for TMF types    01/19/18  (27)
"He is short," the Russian girl said unhappily. "BUT he has Jeep Grand Cherokee"    01/19/18  (26)
Fat Plodding Law Beaver used to push RSF's shit in on a weekly basis    01/19/18  (25)
Let's chill out and start a mxpx cover band    01/19/18  (25)
Lol, xoStormy Daniels confirms TLSTrump has a TPD. LJL.    01/19/18  (24)
What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right    01/19/18  (23)
Guitarmos- Gibson SG or a Les Paul Double Cutaway?    01/19/18  (23)
The problem is no one can touch me because I roll with the deepest crew.    01/19/18  (22)
Sotomayor Health Scare!    01/19/18  (22)
Why the alt-right is winning Americas meme war (FT)    01/19/18  (22)
amazing BuzzFeed allegory on babe.net Aziz Ansari.    01/19/18  (22)
Half a million DEAD    01/19/18  (21)
What's a cool haircut for a short pollack bro?    01/19/18  (20)
Jews' quick destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization is absolutely astounding    01/19/18  (20)