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DC sounds like the worst city in America    10/21/17  (70)
Every girl I meet in dc make some weird political comment on date one    10/21/17  (69)
2017 net to date is 1.1 million - Calishitlawguru (taking ?s)    10/21/17  (69)
If u had unlimited money to spend on your home what features would you have    10/21/17  (62)
Watched original blade runner. what a retarded pretentious gasbag movie    10/21/17  (58)
Cr McDonalds order to pig out on?    10/21/17  (55)
Small cities with strong economies    10/21/17  (50)
Caribbean medschool destroyed by hurricane resumes session on Royal Carib cruise    10/21/17  (47)
we tinychatting or what tonight bros    10/21/17  (47)
Why I masturbate my profoundly disabled son (NYTimes)    10/21/17  (45)
lol at twins' catty butthurt whining re: xo liking coldplay fan more than him    10/21/17  (42)
Need summary of recent lawman8 fiasco.    10/21/17  (40)
If you own or have owned birds 100% chance you're an INCEL weirdo    10/21/17  (39)
Charles could actually clean up in DC if he got in shape and got new clothes    10/21/17  (39)
My buddy just proposed to his gf via flashmob? WTF    10/21/17  (36)
Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump And possibly handed him t    10/21/17  (35)
Haha wow bros I am SO hung over from last night. Got laid! 180.    10/21/17  (34)
Shrew writes screed about being 37, unemployed, and alone (NYT)    10/21/17  (34)
Holy shit turdskin CEO of Vungle tried to suck his 3 year old sons dick    10/21/17  (31)
Recommended music/songs to start sex/foreplay?    10/21/17  (31)
car got broken into today while i was in the gym    10/21/17  (30)
Great Serie A match starting now mates - (1) Napoli vs (2) Inter, Forza Inter    10/21/17  (29)
Age 27 is PEAK LIFE for a MALE    10/21/17  (29)
Need advice on first GUN purchase    10/21/17  (29)
Air Force recalling 1,000 retired pilots because millennials can't fly planes    10/21/17  (29)
Got stool sample results. Im apparently really sick    10/21/17  (29)
Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) test    10/21/17  (28)
*google image search 'white couples'* ho lee fuk    10/20/17  (28)
coldplay fan is the best poaster we've had in quite a long time    10/21/17  (28)
3 weeks no POISON, taking questions    10/21/17  (27)
paintings by people with schizophrenia    10/20/17  (27)
Anyone here popular and well-liked by people? What's your secret?    10/21/17  (27)
JFC miles are 180, flight to HKG cost $5.60    10/21/17  (26)
Spoke with a Hiring manager today. Was told they would never hire a programmer    10/21/17  (26)
What kind of outfit should a late 20s dude wear on a date?    10/21/17  (25)
so... socatoa spent $30 on Fiverr dj drops to brag about his BJC? lol...    10/21/17  (25)
i quit job today. now company is demanding i sign confidentiality agreement    10/21/17  (25)
gun fags who "concealed carry" - be honest, have you ever drawn it?    10/21/17  (24)
Sandra Bullock is aging exceptionally well for white women    10/21/17  (22)
"Why I Refuse to Masturbate My Profoundly Disabled Husband" (spaceporn's wife)    10/21/17  (22)
How are all you poors preparing for America being DONE HERE    10/21/17  (22)
Mad TV was funnier than SNL    10/21/17  (21)
READY for a BIG Friday night of POASTING?    10/20/17  (21)
Bravest thing you can do is walk around with an AIDS positive load inside you.    10/21/17  (20)
Why isnt the Obama/Russia collusion a huge story? Or the unmasking?    10/21/17  (20)
Daily Caller: Parents throw gender declaration parties for teenage kids    10/21/17  (20)
What are ur favorite programming books    10/21/17  (20)
Is there such thing as BAD pizza?    10/21/17  (19)
Female Israeli soldier takes on 50 ultra-orthodox faggots like Jackie Chan    10/21/17  (19)
Why do shittpitt owners try to convince others their dogs are nice?    10/21/17  (18)